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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test - Fake Folding Glass?! 

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Today we find out how durable Samsungs new Galaxy Z Fold really is. Grab your Robot Camo dbrand skin HERE: dbrand.com/robotcamo Samsung has pitched this phone as a folding glass phone that ‘bends the laws of physics’ But… is folding glass actually possible? The only way to find out is with a scratch test. Overall I’m impressed with the Galaxy Z Flip. If they change the name of their screen material to something besides glass I would give it a 10/10 as far as folding phones go. The only physical characteristic this screen material shares with actual glass is the clarity. And I dont think thats fair to consumers. At all. Let me know what you think in the comments.
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Watch the Galaxy Z Flip Teardown Here: gevid.info/video/tGtr1qJ_haCRiIY.html
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Nik Sio
Nik Sio 5 საათის წინ
I feel pain through my body watching this 😩
Euphoria L
Euphoria L 7 საათის წინ
My heart 😭💔 i can't watch this, so painful.
L L 8 საათის წინ
Usual Samsung rubbish... I wouldn't even buy toilet paper made by them...
MarkTianz TV
MarkTianz TV 9 საათის წინ
Give it to me don't destroy it
Vinita Sharma
Vinita Sharma 10 საათის წინ
The Samsung people have blood coming out of their eyes and ears RN!
WUzz. UP
WUzz. UP 10 საათის წინ
How can you flip a glass..??
kristine blair
kristine blair 10 საათის წინ
ahhhhhh!!!!! The phone noooooo ughhhhhh 😭😭😭😳😭😭😭
aida azmi
aida azmi 10 საათის წინ
It hurt my eyes
TOFU H_ 10 საათის წინ
Хоспаде, как же больно тт
Shyamal Pujari
Shyamal Pujari 10 საათის წინ
Why did you did this bro you give that phone I don't have any phone bro
Elkakanos :3
Elkakanos :3 12 საათის წინ
Wey noooooooooooooooo 🖕😭👌
Angelica Joy Salazar
Angelica Joy Salazar 13 საათის წინ
.. Hi from Philippines I want phone pls my dream phone is I phone xs max pls notice me
Ruan Ygor
Ruan Ygor 13 საათის წინ
Esses caras compram um celular TOP Desse para estragar slk, queria eu ter condições pra compra um desse
Alexander King
Alexander King 14 საათის წინ
Why do you sound like the American psycho guy doing his face routine
Art For You Easy
Art For You Easy 15 საათის წინ
Rather than you break it, You can give it to me Sure I will keep it safe
claire yagami
claire yagami 16 საათის წინ
*you're making me cry*
Hellen Salinas
Hellen Salinas 16 საათის წინ
Que rayooooosss!!!!!! Yo quiero ese celular, por qué lo destruye
XxbotxX The Second
XxbotxX The Second 16 საათის წინ
*the new nokia*
Lariiin 21
Lariiin 21 18 საათის წინ
He spends money so we can save ours. If he can scratch the screen with his fingernail then it's not going to last.
Megan 18 საათის წინ
Jerry, you're a savage😂😂
moonlight angel
moonlight angel 20 საათის წინ
so the issue here is that samsung is claiming that the screen is made of glass when in reality it functions more like plastic
Msriiko 21 საათის წინ
Every pixel killed made me suffer
Video 1
Video 1 22 საათის წინ
I got this phone last month but there has problem with screen . Really bad experience
Lauren Oosthuizen
Lauren Oosthuizen 23 საათის წინ
This phone is a waist of money. I stick to my samsung S9 plus
Kim Ngan Tieu
Kim Ngan Tieu დღის წინ
It hurts when he bended the phone backward and it’s not even mine 😭😭😭
khalid ahmed
khalid ahmed დღის წინ
Realme X2 oro
Mei Misaki
Mei Misaki დღის წინ
Que rabia que no tenga protector de vidrio, porque como le pones a eso una mica?!
WillP დღის წინ
Jerry, YOU ARE A BEAST! keep showing us the deception of big corporate.
Debosmita Das
Debosmita Das დღის წინ
Debosmita Das
Debosmita Das დღის წინ
Amira Park
Amira Park დღის წინ
I'm gonna dislike the video this is too much i swear 😥
Sundelymade Bip
Sundelymade Bip დღის წინ
Shreya Birthare
Shreya Birthare დღის წინ
Okay, we understand ITS NOT GLASS!!!
Sundelymade Bip
Sundelymade Bip დღის წინ
Omg esto no es necesario 😭
La Natus ka
La Natus ka დღის წინ
Man nooo yo lo quiero y este mae cagando lo :c
Kurique Sharesias
Kurique Sharesias დღის წინ
Jesus dude😱
Seiv_ 08
Seiv_ 08 დღის წინ
Is that fake????????
Só eu que fiquei com raiva?
LUCKY IF YOU დღის წინ
He can get more than that phone by destroying it and upload on yt . so yea ? thathowitworks Appreciate if someone give it to me , in my dreams tho
LUCKY IF YOU დღის წინ
Give me some of that badass and surely I will take care of that hahahahahah I can't afford either
XxGeorgia EditsXx
XxGeorgia EditsXx დღის წინ
This is why i dont like samsung
RandomStuff YT
RandomStuff YT დღის წინ
Everybody gangsta till the phone starts folding on it's own
Renz Ong
Renz Ong დღის წინ
mah heart
Ayşenur güven
Ayşenur güven დღის წინ
Feka you
林庭陞 დღის წინ
I hate u
catarina n-n
catarina n-n დღის წინ
you are serious you disgust me you put money in the trash when there are people who work a lot to have a phone like that you you break it you do not deserve and do not come to say yeah but my work is to destroy things mu ass i don't care you deserve to be poor to see what its doing😡
Tohura Student
Tohura Student დღის წინ
If u don't want this phone,,,just gift me...why r u destroying this cute little phone😭😭😭😭seeing this like having heart attack
Karla's Diary
Karla's Diary დღის წინ
Tittle should be : Breaking my Samsung Galaxy Z flip
Karla's Diary
Karla's Diary დღის წინ
He just broke my record of ruining a phone in a short period of time
Subi K'shan
Subi K'shan დღის წინ
Well I'm not a fan of this channel at the beginning.. but now I am... Thanks for tearing up the brand new phones and showing it us..
Saku Ra Cha
Saku Ra Cha დღის წინ
Are you that rich?
Truthseekers TheNewOmegA
Truthseekers TheNewOmegA დღის წინ
Am drunk off this glass .
Duda Army
Duda Army დღის წინ
Que ridículo,tanta gente querendo um celular desse e vc estragando.
Almond milk.
Almond milk. დღის წინ
me: wants this phone Jerry: "i can feel thats its cutting the screen open"
Veronica_y1 დღის წინ
Phone: * gets scratched by a fingernails * Me and my long fake nails: * aight I'mma head out *
lina y
lina y დღის წინ
Why did he destroyed it..this was painful to watch
chelsea დღის წინ
I’m crying
chelsea დღის წინ
Poor little phone 😢
Rixellious Japutra
Rixellious Japutra დღის წინ
Galaxy Zack Flip lol😂😂😂😂😂
midnight glow
midnight glow დღის წინ
Even through many fakr things but imagining a newly phone distroyed , really hard to see 🤣,,,,, :(((((((::::)
Kimberly Gonçalves
Kimberly Gonçalves დღის წინ
I appreciate what he's doing by showing us the flaws of the phone/how shit some aspects are but my heart can't deal with the fact he is literally destroying a perfect functional phone
michaeng დღის წინ
Army that goes moomoo
Army that goes moomoo დღის წინ
As soon as he started bending the phone backwards I felt my wallet cry and my anxiety spike
Lim Sovanndara
Lim Sovanndara დღის წინ
Samsung: *ouf*
Sad Salami
Sad Salami დღის წინ
This is a just a futuristic flip phone change my mind
Renatta Monsalve
Renatta Monsalve დღის წინ
Se puede ser más weon?
ImCuttie LilGirly
ImCuttie LilGirly დღის წინ
If I would be able to have one, I won't even have the thought of flipping it...
Esraa Adel
Esraa Adel დღის წინ
I'm dreaming about having some phone like that and you're scratching it that easy.. Shame on you
김동영 დღის წინ
Hey! Do you know which country Samsung is? Many people know that Samsung is from Japan or China, but It's actually Korea. Samsung was founded in Daegu, Korea. If you did not know, I hope it will be a chance to know.
밋셸michellidangeluci დღის წინ
holy shit Im crying while watching this
WassKo - Kun
WassKo - Kun დღის წინ
The marks on the screen are not real scratches The screen is indeed glass but its so thin it bends with pressure (you litterally can see that the marks from lvl 2 to 5 are the same)
Tuco დღის წინ
Phones: I fear no man But that thing JerryRigEverything It scares me.
Tuco დღის წინ
I fear no man. But that thing <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> It scares me.
Nicholas Garza
Nicholas Garza დღის წინ
Yeah... no one is going to be putting a razor blade to this 1K $ + phone nor would they be disrespecting the integrity of the screen to this magnitude during normal use. It's not a firearm to where this style of test and evaluation is necessary. It is ridiculous to assume that anyone would mistreat such an expensive piece of equipment so carelessly. I am in the tactical "field" placing this item in rigorous environments and neither the screen nor the phone itself has sustained any damage while in my custody.
Todoroki-senpai დღის წინ
that's my dream phone 😭
I’m._.bored 17
I’m._.bored 17 დღის წინ
I cringed soo hard when he bend the phone the opposite way it was supposed to bend 😂😂 I wish I had the money to fuck up a phone
myg1310 l AU
myg1310 l AU დღის წინ
It’s such a unnecessary phone.
Orakitty78 Von
Orakitty78 Von დღის წინ
I honestly think that yes, it may be fold able, and glass, but if it was really think I think it would be pretty weak..
mrs baddys
mrs baddys დღის წინ
einherz დღის წინ
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> coold you please stop it, or stop it i mean sound disable eakh brrr
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