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Apex Legends - The Old Ways Event Trailer 

Apex Legends
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Prepare to discover the Old Ways. Prove yourself before the gods in the new Town Takeover: Bloodhound’s Trials. Test your strength against the hoard of prowlers stalking the temple. Survive, and you will be richly rewarded. Master daily challenges to earn exclusive items. And should you desire to return to older modes and Arenas, you can now find Kings Canyon and Duos in the main menu. Are you ready to follow Bloodhound’s path and earn the favor of the Allfather?

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC: x.ea.com/57366.

Learn more about The Old Ways Event: www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/the-old-ways

Check out our GEvid channel: x.ea.com/56710.
Follow us on Twitter: playapex.
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jider 2 დღის წინ
We need a new event it’s getting boring out here
Jeb Froaklen
Jeb Froaklen დღის წინ
new event on june 9th watch tytan gamings video for more info
Hydra Throw 2
Hydra Throw 2 2 დღის წინ
Why not bring back Solos??
The Toasty Show
The Toasty Show 3 დღის წინ
We need a Gibraltar backstory event
Jeb Froaklen
Jeb Froaklen დღის წინ
Star Light
Star Light 9 დღის წინ
Oooh weve had wraith too, i wonder which legend will be the next one
Electro Penguin
Electro Penguin 10 დღის წინ
Some thought blood hound was a boy well now we know
Corin Swindells
Corin Swindells 11 დღის წინ
When u see the legend of Zelda symbol on the door. HMMMM
ikruto HD
ikruto HD 12 დღის წინ
Am i the only one who has bad luck and getting of the game on periods like this event?! I hope they'll do the event again so everyone get another chance :'(
zzDaniboss 14 დღის წინ
Am i the single one who knew bloodhound was a girl before this
RandomGuy0698 14 დღის წინ
Kings canyon "Oh cool" And duos "Sweet" Back for good "WWWWWHHHAAAAAAAATTTT?
Angry boi
Angry boi 16 დღის წინ
I just s started getting into apex and I've been using bloodhound and they are so awesome and fun to play as, I was so mad at my self for not playing sooner and unlocking the legendary skin for them. If Apex ever does any other blood hound event again I would be more that happy
Blood Hound
Blood Hound 17 დღის წინ
Mirage has an event, Revenant has an event, Wraith has an event, Pathfinder and now even Bloodhound, what about my boy Caustic
Big Nasty
Big Nasty 17 დღის წინ
Can this event come back plz?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Tahir Ahmad
Tahir Ahmad 17 დღის წინ
Rbapex Ttv
Rbapex Ttv 13 დღის წინ
be quiet
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez 21 დღის წინ
Mirage buff or I kill myself
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez 8 დღის წინ
I didn’t know when I posted this, chill.
M1KE-Hawk- YT
M1KE-Hawk- YT 9 დღის წინ
Bruh you said that in last video they already buff him
M1KE-Hawk- YT
M1KE-Hawk- YT 9 დღის წინ
Bruh you said that in last video they already buff him
t k
t k 21 დღის წინ
Jayuk 24 დღის წინ
Will this ever come back?
M1KE-Hawk- YT
M1KE-Hawk- YT 9 დღის წინ
Hankerson Photography & Video
Hankerson Photography & Video 26 დღის წინ
Me: I should stop money on video games cosmetics Respawn : releases a sick new bloodhound event my wallet: oh shit here we go again
Krishant Nag
Krishant Nag 28 დღის წინ
Ammon Marstella
Ammon Marstella 28 დღის წინ
Bloodhound sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️
DOUBLE-M94 28 დღის წინ
😱 Apex 8 KILLS 😱 Road to Predator gevid.info/video/u4Kp032qan5tbHo.html
Aqil Iman
Aqil Iman 28 დღის წინ
ok at the end its just basically the court of owls event and talon skin
prebendorf 28 დღის წინ
Serious lag on their servers ... they'll probably fix that before season 5. NOOOOOT!
Exile IX
Exile IX 29 დღის წინ
My parents before I was born : What gender is the baby ? Me in the womb : *WHAT GENDER IS BLOODHOUND!!*
Dzmitry Skok
Dzmitry Skok 7 დღის წინ
I think the whole point of Bloodhound is for them to be a mysterious figure, so knowing what's the gender would kind of ruin the mystery.
Dreel 37
Dreel 37 10 დღის წინ
@Awakens I agree
Dreel 37
Dreel 37 10 დღის წინ
@Awakens In-Game he sounds like a boy so....
Awakens 10 დღის წინ
Technically Bloodhound is voices by a woman, even though I thought she was a boy. So Bloodhound is female.
Awakens 10 დღის წინ
CrimsonxCardinal non-binary doesn’t exist. Whatever is on their birth certificate is what they are.
Ethanattix თვის წინ
Buff lifeline plz
Sam M
Sam M თვის წინ
This explains the charge rifle in the dome
Period 95
Period 95 თვის წინ
Trailer: shows a gold body shield Game: only gets ammo and attachments
Period 95
Period 95 28 დღის წინ
@I liek fish I know but most of the time I get trash loot
I liek fish
I liek fish 28 დღის წინ
Period 95 open all three and you get better loot
Jrayzus Frost
Jrayzus Frost თვის წინ
Have you heard this yet? "jrayzus frost Cold Dark Streets original" by yours truly 🙌 - www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/30546744
gothic l0ser
gothic l0ser თვის წინ
Shubhdeep Singh
Shubhdeep Singh თვის წინ
Elsa Volcanoglass
Elsa Volcanoglass თვის წინ
New map? :O
M. Kryuger
M. Kryuger თვის წინ
О даже так)) Мощьно))
David M
David M თვის წინ
Bro i use to love this game I thought was had done something good for once then they hit me with the money grabbing apex coin glitch I put over 30$ and still haven’t gotten any of my coins how has this still not been fix people are complaining on every platform please fix this game
Mr. Hybrid
Mr. Hybrid თვის წინ
So do we have kings Canyon in apex until the new season?
lukemavv თვის წინ
This event had one of the best loading screens in the game
agustin martinez ramirez
agustin martinez ramirez თვის წინ
Enriku , ojalá que la comunidad apoye mi comentaría pero mira si con toda la influencia de los youtubers y de nosotros como comunidad exigimos crossplay , a EA o a apex, en redes sociales , en Twitter , el chiste es que ellos hagan ver lo que la comunidad quiere , así como fornite lo hace , porque apex no , se que EA tiene muchos títulos sin crossplay , pero puede hacerlo aunque sea a un solo juego , espero que la gente apoye mi comentario y que también lo compartan mucho en otros vídeo y redes sociales
Sweet leaf Reznov
Sweet leaf Reznov თვის წინ
What's this game about and is it too late to get started
Binladen Aladen
Binladen Aladen თვის წინ
I thought he was black
Roland Senftleben
Roland Senftleben თვის წინ
Fix the Netcode. :)
wolfknight GAminG
wolfknight GAminG თვის წინ
Apex can u put heirloom skin in the heirloom
chriggle t
chriggle t თვის წინ
Proud owner of an Apex free ps4!! Game isn't fairly set out for new players, servers rarely work properly, and is full of 500 plus level players creating new accounts and blitzing noobs so they end up level 7 with 50 plus kills! This game is a complete mess! Shambles
Soul Eater Gamer
Soul Eater Gamer თვის წინ
Sou novo com canal no GEvid se inscreve la que vou retribuir tbm,vai ter bastante conteúdo de Apex legenda, agradeço desde ja
Soak Aspect
Soak Aspect თვის წინ
I want a cross play
Jakub Zięba
Jakub Zięba თვის წინ
Respawn: makes a nevermore reference 99 % community: o my god artur has babies! Me an intelectual and 0,1% of players: i see youre a man of culture as well (APEX DEVS KEEP MAKING THESE REFERENCES EVEN IF ONLY WE WILL UNDERSTAND)
The Pillowhead Requiem
The Pillowhead Requiem თვის წინ
I had a stroke reading this.
AmaanYT თვის წინ
Yep I’m gonna play apex until fortnite makes their game good.
AmaanYT 28 დღის წინ
zacheus nelson how long?4 years?im fine with that tbh
zacheus nelson
zacheus nelson 28 დღის წინ
Well that's gonna be a while
Daniel Brzozowski
Daniel Brzozowski თვის წინ
AmaanYT so never
Keaweahe Kaaihili
Keaweahe Kaaihili თვის წინ
Its dying
Talha Acar
Talha Acar თვის წინ
Servers are bad
Giulia Nubile
Giulia Nubile თვის წინ
Derfi თვის წინ
За што вы так с фортнайте
mart mart
mart mart თვის წინ
Celik Osman
Celik Osman თვის წინ
i was playing this game and i left the game bc i had to sleep and i got a pack and i opden it i got legendry skin for bloodhound and afk plssss fix this for plsssss apex my name is kara_murat2010 fix plsssss nomore afk plsssssss
Kayson Bearboy
Kayson Bearboy თვის წინ
why dont u make the lvl 4 barrel stabilizer a suppresser (idk how to spell it)
Lord Chico
Lord Chico თვის წინ
New legend idea: the power up should be a grenade that pulls enemies to it and the ultimate should be a grenade launcher or a gun that's really powerful but has limited bullets.
flacker941 თვის წინ
Maybe y'all could just keep the old map permanently
Timileds თვის წინ
They're lol
gabriel miranda hurtado
gabriel miranda hurtado თვის წინ
Is it just me or does bloodhound's voice sound... female?
George B
George B თვის წინ
Hey Respawn team, I have an idea for a Gibraltar event. Maybe like “The way of the Warrior” or something which features his heirloom the lei o manō. You could also give him an exclusive event skin the Ikaika Warrior (look into it) I’m Hawaiian myself and I think bringing some real culture into the game would be a great idea. Mahalo for listening 🤙🏽 take into consideration!
L0re თვის წინ
Ma pk sta roba e non titanfall3???
-JustEzqel- თვის წინ
Pls bring airship assassin back
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez თვის წინ
Yo thanks Apex I opened 21 packs and got 1 purple thank u i thought there was a "24%" chance to get a purple or better but no I was stupid.👏
Cobra ball
Cobra ball თვის წინ
Your next event should be about crypto and have the season 3 and 1 maps back
Joel Maharaj
Joel Maharaj თვის წინ
People still play this game
_ Ilon _
_ Ilon _ თვის წინ
when starts season 5
Todestomate თვის წინ
nerf the havoc
The_Pig890 თვის წინ
I got a Buff for Gibraltar/Gibby when he jumps from a high place and tap the crouch button Gibby will Be in a Ball Position and deal splash damage to enemies near him
I Gillies
I Gillies თვის წინ
EA needs to send an adult over & smarten these guys up. The employees running this game allow cheats & use them themselves.. making game play terrible for those who aren't cheating. There is a distinguishable lag that gives others an advantage.. if you see your shots going right at a player & then you're dead.. chances are he moved & shot you .. but you're 1-2 seconds behind.. There is cheats that slow you down as well but I tend to think the employees have "gamed" the metrics in favor of their pals. One of the cheats allows for them to shoot anywhere & it will hit you.. Google it "Apex Legends cheats" Great game if not for what some running things have done to it.. no worries Der the reputation of these guys is so bad.
Anthony de La O
Anthony de La O თვის წინ
Whens the new season
Cooly Martinez
Cooly Martinez თვის წინ
guys like this coment if u whant apex on switch
13samfootball თვის წინ
My money waves goodbye to the game. Until solos is added. Duos DID NOT solve the problem of people dropping solo. I also get paired up with pure deadweight teammates who insta die, or do 00000000000 damage. I'm expected to carry these halfwits EVERY game. Instead when I should be killing them in a solo mode, and actually enjoying my time with the game.
Patrykó თვის წინ
Avatars please on ps4
Mark Roblox
Mark Roblox თვის წინ
Im sorry,does crossplay is avaible now?
Ali videos
Ali videos თვის წინ
what a problem of apex in every game fuking hacker is coming plezz ban the hackers
MatrixPlayz52 თვის წინ
I have one question though... where is titanfall 3?
Weisi i
Weisi i თვის წინ
Respawn: brings duos ingame again Instead of making solos and duos to an standard game mode Sry if I’m incorrect
FAT_Aatrox თვის წინ
Salut tout le monde des pote et moi on a décidé de créé une chaine youtube basé que sur du apex alors si tu est fan de ce jeux je t'invite a aller t'abonner et activé la cloche merci beaucoup a tous ce qui le feront bonne soirée et merci de liker ce message pour que tout le monde le voie gevid.info/user-8YDSgojkCvrlxM5DAKwr6Q
AceSinOfPride თვის წინ
shadow gaming
shadow gaming თვის წინ
Please extend the event for a little longer I want to buy young blood didn’t have the chance and didn’t finish the challenges I was too late😔😔
The Pillowhead Requiem
The Pillowhead Requiem თვის წინ
For you? HA, no
Josiah Noriega
Josiah Noriega თვის წინ
Is this blood hound I didn't know he was actually a she
PHKyle თვის წინ
Can you add crossplay i cant add my ps4 friend
Dj Kito Madrid
Dj Kito Madrid თვის წინ
I Love this game !!! I Love Respawn
トマトさん თვის წინ
Danipro 25
Danipro 25 თვის წინ
Put Forge please
Eduard 50YT
Eduard 50YT თვის წინ
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