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24 Hours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: FOLDABLE S10e?! 

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The honeymoon phase is interesting regardless of what product you just acquired. Maybe it's that new car smell, or the experience of making your new apartment look just right. With smartphones the experience is usually very similar, unless you wore up at midnight on February 14th and were fast enough to order the new kid in town.
This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung's second bet on a foldable future, and what the company dubs as a new spin into how a smartphone is designed.
I know many of you see this and think nostalgia, and remember that cellphone you used in the late 90s or early 2000s. Back then a compact solution that competed with the tanks of the time made sense, but the question is if having a clamshell is actually better in any way than to have a regular smartphone. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and these are my first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after 24 hours
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SK 2010
SK 2010 7 დღის წინ
First thing I do when I get a new phone : Settings > Blue-light filter > On > Intensity > Max
Don Carpenter
Don Carpenter 11 დღის წინ
Every phone you review is nothing but a complaint
Lexie Cassel
Lexie Cassel 14 დღის წინ
I Currently have an iPhone X and I’m looking to upgrade to other the galaxy Z Flip or the galaxy s20 Plus it’s such a hard decision I absolutely love the idea of a folding phone I’m just not sure if it is actually an upgrade from an iPhone X what’s your opinion please help
ArtJourneyUK 22 დღის წინ
I never flipped any of my Samsung clamshell phones open with one hand in the 1990s. I’m not going to try with the ZFlip!
Agustin Peraza
Agustin Peraza 23 დღის წინ
I still can’t understand why the need for a flip smart phone?? Is like all them lunatics buying bulks of toilet paper for the coronavirus 🙄🙄🙄
Brandon from Kentucky
Brandon from Kentucky 24 დღის წინ
I love my Z flip chose this over the S20.
M A N G O O 12 დღის წინ
How is it , I want to one but I am not sure
Thanos The Farmer
Thanos The Farmer 24 დღის წინ
I like how we'll be able to have a foldable phone in the near future, but now they look so unachievably cool.
Pier Andrea
Pier Andrea 26 დღის წინ
I actually like It after playing with it at the store. I'd wait for a (possible) version with a larger outside screen of some sort for notifications etc. though.
Jon Apol
Jon Apol 28 დღის წინ
A phone that turns into a tablet make sense. But a phone that if you flip will transform into a phone? Whoa. Brilliant idea Samsung. Brilliant! Indeed an innovation! 👏👏👏 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Wisdom
Robert Wisdom თვის წინ
Why is it $1,400?
No Idols
No Idols თვის წინ
Dude the one handed flip is NOT why people bought flip phones! It’s simply portability. That’s it! Serious first world problems...you’re mentioning
Catflap თვის წინ
I just want a phone with a week battery life. I don't need no ultra thin stuff. If this can fold up and be a bit chunky then they can do this to a normal phone and put a huge battery in it.
Myere Reynolds
Myere Reynolds თვის წინ
I'm 2020 we complain about S10's that fold in half... 🤦🏾‍♂️
J.Howard J
J.Howard J თვის წინ
I don't need a foldable phone, I have the perfect phone, the S10e. Perfection doesn't come often, which is why Samsung didn't make an S20e. Stupid move.
mustard roshi
mustard roshi თვის წინ
This makes me appreciate my s10e more
Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro თვის წინ
Bro u don't have to close your hands for the camera to take a photo, just show your palm is enough
c2g1980 თვის წინ
I think it's pretty dope. Can't wait for the 2nd generation of this phone.
Jay'Ce Crenshaw
Jay'Ce Crenshaw თვის წინ
I'll stick to my Galaxy Fold
Gladys Lugo
Gladys Lugo თვის წინ
I love it
AniMeusic თვის წინ
After one of the employees got infected with the Corona Virus, the factory that manufactures the flips are temporarily shut down which means we'll have to wait even longer now before stocks arrive
Erick Zamora
Erick Zamora თვის წინ
I got the Samsung z flip and I've been an apple consumer since iPhone 4. I've had the 4, iPhone 6, 7 plus, and XR and I've decided to switch. Its taken me a bit to adjust but man this flip phone is soo awesome. I finally feel like technology is cool again. One question... how do you take a snapshot on the z flip??
s gidney
s gidney თვის წინ
use the finger print reader click twice
russ4j თვის წინ
I think Samsung's design team are such a bunch of idiots for not ensuring that this phone would be easy to flip when in use cause that should have been a must to make this phone practical to use. I don't understand why Samsung seems to make the same mistake of not properly analyzing its cellphones' practicality before mass production. Just take the case of the Fold which was a big disaster. And now this. I'm sorry to say this but I just find this so stupid! I hope Samsung hires the right people to improve their phones. Get the ones with common sense please!
Die Deutschländers
Die Deutschländers თვის წინ
Please test the Oppo Find x2 and the Realme x50 pro 5g. They can be very exciting and are a lot cheaper...
Sophie Davis
Sophie Davis თვის წინ
I want here to be an IOS version
Daniel Callins
Daniel Callins თვის წინ
It not true glass
Adam Bosak
Adam Bosak თვის წინ
did you enjoy the makeup case in your jeans
Jenna Hopkins
Jenna Hopkins თვის წინ
That crease is a major deal breaker for me. It wasn’t that noticeable, I would definitely purchase one
s gidney
s gidney თვის წინ
not that noticeable honestly
Abdulai Bah
Abdulai Bah თვის წინ
I just want to say a big thank you to all the BETA testers. Please continue to report any issues.
Hassan Alhmmadi
Hassan Alhmmadi თვის წინ
I have it for one week, 1. Open with one hand is possible (for my hand) and it’s somehow easy. 2. Size does matter, it’s very very light and small, you even forget that’s it’s in your pocket. 3. Stand position is a killer option, I always keep it open when sitting in my office, and with having the wireless on the bottom part make it even practical to have it site on a wireless charger. 4. Yes the size of the external screen is small, but at least I can answer calls in speaker mode. 5. Closing the flip feels good.
ramon martinez
ramon martinez თვის წინ
Not glass its plastic
David Gatt
David Gatt თვის წინ
LOL its not glass !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( scratches at level 2 deeper at level 3 !!!
alexander ekin
alexander ekin თვის წინ
Hope samsung put great camera soon on flip 2 or fold 2 it will become great selling point.. with this form factor Z flip can take picture without tripod and get steady result for long exposure 👍
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia თვის წინ
Jerry said it ain't glass... your move
FATALTONY 17 თვის წინ
Idk how I would see myself as a 40 year old man reviewing phones for GEvid videos.
Krisztian5HUN თვის წინ
yee glass sure.... glass never scrach at level 2
You Play
You Play თვის წინ
We already had the Gameboy SP
Xerxius Maximus
Xerxius Maximus თვის წინ
Anyone know what that theme with Kylo is
Gonzalo Melendez
Gonzalo Melendez თვის წინ
This phone have less features than my S9 not worth it ...
lynn lascaro
lynn lascaro თვის წინ
Its sexy and cool. If this was the exploding battery year I had to replace my note7 a second time I would definitely get this (that year I got the edge or s7
RDilux თვის წინ
last time i checked the S10e did not have a snapdragon 855+
1 23
1 23 თვის წინ
DO NOT BUY THESE PHONES FROM SAMSUNG!!!!! They DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility on any agreement with foldable phones. Any issues you will pay out of pocket for. They have all kinds of little clauses to get around having to take responsibility( just a quick ex is u can't carry the phone in ur pocket WTF) Dont buy it go with another company.
Glen Cameron
Glen Cameron თვის წინ
Sheri W
Sheri W თვის წინ
The only thing with the flip phone is the screen is only good for 200 closes. And you know people are going to close this phone a lot .
s gidney
s gidney თვის წინ
300000 closes and $119 screen replacement if there is an issue
Norbury თვის წინ
m.gevid.info/video/2Iaqyp11mpFyboI.html Samsung stole my idea
mac24seven თვის წინ
Use your thumb to open the phone, like you should be able to with a flip phone, and keep track of any damage incurred by this normal use on the plastic cover over the glass. I'm veerry interested in this
Chuck Richardson
Chuck Richardson თვის წინ
If there's anything that you would like to know about that folding glass please feel free to message or email me as I work with glass for a living and I am more than happy to inform you that that what they call Glass is actually not glass at all if you contact me further I can fully explain to you how it is not glass but how they also get away with calling it glass there's a fine line in what the word glass is and what it means if you would really like to know the information I would be more than willing to give it to you and explain it to you in the best that I can
Arquel Cudia
Arquel Cudia თვის წინ
I wouldn't buy any flip phones over $1,000 if it doesn't have the very best specs. I would buy if it's between $500 - $700.
onii-chan's manko
onii-chan's manko თვის წინ
S10e > folding or 5g phone . It's not worth premium pricing
Njoi Fontes
Njoi Fontes თვის წინ
Great one Jamie, I could not agree more with you. This phone looks great but it's pointless since it offers no real benefits over slabs and a few compromises. If the back of the phone was super strong then at least it could be a device that anyone could use without a case, but alas not even that. An already pocketable device that folds to become... Very slightly more pocketable (not by much at all because its so think) completely defeats the purpose of a foldable device in my opinion. The Mate X and the uncoming Galaxy Fold 2 are where folding screens actually make sense. Can't wait of your review of the international version of the Mate X that will be unveiled soon.
Sheldon McKenzie El
Sheldon McKenzie El თვის წინ
Can you please compare the Note 10 Plus to the S20 plus. Those phones are similar, yet no one has made a video comparing them. Thanks!
drazen miskovic
drazen miskovic თვის წინ
Just to clarify, screen ISN'T glass in any way at all, do a bit more research before doing a video. Front of the screen has 0% glass, only thing glass is back of the screen, invisible part. Front part, the one you physically touch with your finger is 100% PLASTIC! Equally sensitive as the motorla razer one, even the lightest nail touch, press will leave a PERMANENT marking on the screen, try opening the phone few time with one hand while wedging your thumb between top and bottom screen and pushing on the top screen to unfold the phone will most definitely leave markings on the screen.... It's extremely fragile. Samsungs marketing is very misleading. At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> onwards gevid.info/video/lmZqqXSJjH6ymoo.html
Prooved GD [Louis.S]
Prooved GD [Louis.S] თვის წინ
2080: Flexible Phones That Can Fold.
Jo Zh
Jo Zh თვის წინ
No.. Its not a glass. Ppl should visit Jerryrigeverything. Its some kinda plastic..
IIISentorIII თვის წინ
so basically get any of the downsides that foldable phones have without any of the upsides like bigger screen. Makes sense that People want this... ;)
Kevin Auyeung
Kevin Auyeung თვის წინ
What did he say at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>? Literally can't make sense of it?! gevid.info/video/mox9y3Zli3WpdnY.html
Benon Ma
Benon Ma თვის წინ
Due to the folding clamp shell and folding mechanism, you cannot have good water/dust resistance. They need a new folding mechanism and hinge.
Banrap Laloo
Banrap Laloo თვის წინ
It's not Glass It's false advertisement
OG RIKKY თვის წინ
Jerryrigeverything:glass is glass and glass breaks Samsung:hold my glastic
Marvin A
Marvin A თვის წინ
Fake glass...per @jerryrigeverything ;)
Clynton Miranda
Clynton Miranda თვის წინ
Overpriced with no 5G
jay punzalan
jay punzalan თვის წინ
Thumbnail looks like you went live on social media and your gonna torture someone behind you
Trevor Hutcheson
Trevor Hutcheson თვის წინ
they way he says his name is incomprehensible
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes თვის წინ
$1400.00 for a plastic screen?, NO!!, don’t believe me?, go to JerryRigEverything to see the truth about this phone. The screen is NOT glass.
Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee თვის წინ
compare it with iPhone 11 pro max and s20+
Marshmallow920 თვის წინ
Watch in 1.75x speed. You're welcome.
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes თვის წინ
Jaime I've seen so many different types of Videos on this now and even watch Zack tear it down.I still like it not sure about price but I really do like the device and also like that Samsung is doing what they say that is a plus also they always seem to get you to go and get it.Thanks so much for sharing really enjoyed Deb 😉👌✌
Scythe თვის წინ
Actually the "glass" is just a very thin layer of glass covered with a layer of plastic.
Oleg Vorkunov
Oleg Vorkunov თვის წინ
So, every time you need to use a simple function of the phone, you have to unfold it? Hilarious.
Sharky165 თვის წინ
Yeah they need to enlarge that outer display. It's somewhat of a joke right now 🤣 The Galaxy Fold, while a different form factor, is arguably more useful because you can do pretty much everything on the outside screen. It's ofc also bulkier, heavier and more expensive, but I love its concept of extreme multitasking when it's in mini-tablet mode. It will be interesting to see what changes/improvements come with Fold 2 later this year.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams თვის წინ
Samsung didn't provide any details because they lied about the device. The glass is 10 times thinner than a human hair and it's underneath a plastic cover on the display. The plastic cover makes the display seriously scratchable. The display is slightly better than the Galaxy Fold but that's not saying much. The display still needs a solid 0.3MM Screen protector to help keep the display from being broken by drops or your finger nails. This is basically a release of a concept and everyone knows concepts aren't consumer ready. The glass is so thin that when JerryRigEverything took the Galaxy Z Flip apart it rolled up like thin Plastic.
Jon Nico
Jon Nico თვის წინ
The price point is actually “ not “ good.....? It’s “ ridiculously expensive “ compared with what you get!.....;(
selw0nk თვის წინ
Can you use it as a speaker phone when it's closed shut?
s gidney
s gidney თვის წინ
patrick B
patrick B თვის წინ
just wait tilll apple comes out with their version and will marketing it as revolutionary LOL
Gabriel Neel Thayil
Gabriel Neel Thayil თვის წინ
More like in five years
Peizxcv თვის წინ
Too bad that “glass screen” is no better than a plastic screen and in some countries Samsung will give you an additional screen protector to put on top of the non-removable screen protector so you don’t scratch the screen. Yes, protector for “protector”
Ben Hude
Ben Hude თვის წინ
Sadly the durability of the screen is the worst part of the phone. And after watching JerryRigEverything tear down of the Z flip I wouldn't get this phone. :/ gevid.info/video/tGtr1qJ_haCRiIY.html
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper თვის წინ
This ain't it fam
Robert Silverman
Robert Silverman თვის წინ
I'll wait for the Fold 2
Y Castro
Y Castro თვის წინ
I remember my mother having the motorola v3😂
Sharky165 თვის წინ
Haha, I had the StarTac, and later the V60 then the V600. Those Moto flip phones were the bomb for their time.
Darker Life
Darker Life თვის წინ
Nope that display is not glass 😑
US HDbrr
US HDbrr თვის წინ
Jerry Rig Everything 비디오를 보고왔습니까? 그는 디스플레이를 분해도 하지않았습니다 그는 싸이코처럼 스마트폰을 파괴하며 돈을버는 유튜버일 뿐입니다 그는 전문가가 아니야 utg는 유리소재가 확실하며 한국뿐 아니라 독일에서도 생산됩니다 구글검색창에 utg 글라스를 검색하십시요 자세한 설명을 얻을수 있습니다
Homer Buntin
Homer Buntin თვის წინ
Zack proved it's not actually glass in his durability test. I've still got one on order though. The one I played with at the AT&T store left me feeling confident enough.
Malcolm Black
Malcolm Black თვის წინ
You mean how the top layer is not glass? There's still glass as the second layer
Thomas S.
Thomas S. თვის წინ
Actually the display isnt glass ... ists still plastic. Watch jerry Rig!
US HDbrr
US HDbrr თვის წინ
@Thomas S. It's not wrong marketing, it's normal marketing Firms must make profits and highlight their merits No company talks about its shortcomings. The downside is that consumers have to judge for themselves and choose accordingly. Samsung introduced UTG as a combination of ultra-thin glass and polyimide at the 2020 Galaxy Pack event It is also described on the official website of Samsung and various precautions regarding the screen are explained in the manual. What more should Samsung explain? UTG has a stronger surface hardness than CPI and better touch and visibility It can reduce wrinkles than cpi film. Samsung only emphasized the advantages of UTG and didn't say that UTG glass is like a gorilla glass. You and a lot of people criticize the durability with tests that deliberately damage the screen. You can use it without any problem unless you intentionally damage the screen. When Galaxy Fold came out for the first time, it was tested and people criticized the durability, but Galaxy Fold was successful all over the world, and people around the world are using it without problems.
Thomas S.
Thomas S. თვის წინ
Jerry also made a video, where he completely disassembled the phone. There is some glass under the plastic layer but this does not improve the durability much as you are interacting with the plastic. Dont get me wrong its impressing, what Samsung delivered, just their marketing failed. I hope they can further improve the durability of the Foldable display to at least 4
US HDbrr
US HDbrr თვის წინ
Did you watch Jerry Rig Everything video? He didn't disassemble the display. He's just a GEvidr who makes money by destroying his smartphone like a psycho. He's not an expert. UTG is definitely a glass material and is produced not only in Korea but also in Germany. Please search for Utg Glass in the Google search box. You can get a detailed explanation. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Plastic Glass Teardown Hinge Review. Glass Confirmed gevid.info/video/lmZqqXSJjH6ymoo.html&amp;feature=youtu.be
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